LDAC receiver with coax output


I’m looking for a portable Bluetooth receiver that does ldac and outputs via coax digital.
I want to use it with a chord mojo, sorta like a cheap and modernised chord poly.
I was looking at a Fiio m5 since it’s small, has ldac and a coax out, but i heard it doesn’t do digital to digital and you can only use it with the built in dac/amp on the headphone out.
Anyone knows if something like that even exists?

thanks in advance :smiley:

there are almost none bluetooth receivers that have coaxial out and high bluetooth codecs. But the fiio m5, which is a tiny little DAP has coaxial out and can be used as a bluetooth receiver; you can even put music on it and control playback over the fiio app. It’s $99 but there aren’t any other options tbh.

Not for portable yes, there are desktop solutions though. But yeah the fiio is the best bet imo

The fiio m5 won’t work as i want it to, it won’t pass the Bluetooth signal through to coax. It only works as a Bluetooth receiver like the btr3 with a screen… :confused:
Anyway it would literally be/work like a chord poly for 1/5th the price and probably is the best/cheapest solution to making the mojo ‘wireless’ at this point

the fiio m6 does what you need I think

there is nothing in the fiio lineup that does bt-ldac to coax :frowning:
I guess I’ll have to settle for a m5 and just use it over the phone app…

The fiio m11 might, but it’s kinda pricey for just doing that

Yea i really don’t wanna spend that much, i mean, the chord poly would be around the same price for me and it would be a much more compact setup aswell.
I don’t really want to go for a full double brick setup like mojo+m11 (or any other dap with separate amp tbh)

All i really wanna do with it is listen to some dj sets from youtube/soundcloud on the go every once in a while or watch a video without the amp being tethered to my phone…

I guess all i really want from this whole setup is being untethered from my phone/source while I’m walking from apartment to train station to work and back. i guess I’ll just have to ditch my mojo and go for a m11 and use it as dap and Bluetooth receiver or a q5s or something along those lines…

Anyway thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Bump to an old thread. Anything come out that will do BT to USB/Coax/some kind of digital out in the past year?

There are some options along these lines (including cheaper Chinese stuff).

Still nothing portable though, right?

This one seems to be technically portable.

Update on this, the BT add on for the XD-05 uses a coax connection. It works on anything that can take a coax input (it successfully works on my micro iDSD BL). The LDAC support can be a bit spotty not having the absolute best range/directionality, but its a workable solution with about 15 hours of battery life.