Lear LHF-AE1D (adjustable bass dial) How does EQ'ing & bass dials impact the sound differently?

anyone try the ae1d? what caught my interest was the adjustable bass dial as sometimes I EQ the bass level based on the genre im listening to

would EQing not have a similar result to using an adjustable bass dial? there’s nothing else that really stands out to me out these IEMs (no massively glowing reviews) so don’t want to spend on it unless it’s radically different than just EQ’ing a pair that respond strongly to EQ. And is having an adjustable bass dial IEM operate in the same way as IEMs with dip switches? guess I just dont understand the differences in the internal physical mechanics of what EQing, dip switches, and a bass dial does so would love to learn more

The thing with iem’s is they’re much easier to tune without resulting in EQ…first you have tip rolling sorta akin to pad rolling hp wise… then there’s dip switches like you have on the L3 and then there’s various nozzle filters like on the FH7.

I’m not too sure what Lear uses for the bass adjustment maybe a type of attenuator?
If you can’t find an iem in that price point bass wise that suits what you’re after then go for it :+1:

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