Learn from my mistake, please

So I bought the Jamo S 809 towers and wooooooooooowww do they look pretty. Some of the best aesthetically designed speakers in my opinion. However, woooooooowww do they sound like ass. I got the Atmos modules with them and let me tell you it is NOT worth it. There is next to no life in them. I’m having a deadly time returning/getting out from under them. Nobody wants to buy them on my local Craigslist, and there’s no way I can afford to ship them like on eBay. Plus, returning them on Amazon requires authorization from the 3rd party that sold them to me. END MY SUFFERING PLEASE. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these.


put them up on Audio Mart and find the AV reseller reddit as too?

I am sorry for your suffering. :frowning:

I have guns…we can take you to the back 40 if it gets more than you can bear. :wink:

What amp are you using? Try some burn in, it might help.

Also what’s your source and where are they in a room?

The other caveat is that they are a little large for the room. I did that on purpose because I’ll possibly be moving soon (here’s hoping that job offer goes through). It’s just not worth stressing about to me; I don’t want to get passed the point of no return (pardon the pun) and suddenly be stuck with floor-standing speakers that I don’t get any enjoyment out of.

Computer to Modi 2 DAC to either a SMSL SA-50 or a Nobsound 6P1 depending on my mood is or how hot I want the room to be temperature-wise. About 6 ft in front of me is the only location they will fit.

Which amp do you think give them “more life”? I wonder if it’s being improperly powered.

Equally ass. Maybe I got a shitty pair?

Could have a faulty pair. How many hours have you used them for? If only for a few hours, doing a bit more listening might burn them in a bit. While I doubt it would change the sound much, there is a chance it could, as I’ve never heard these particular speakers before

Also do you have another room to try them in?

My previous (now again current) monitors are the Klipsch RP-150M’s and they sound phenomenal with either of my amps, and I have to keep the volume knob low to avoid bothering the neighbors 3 houses down. I can get the Jamo’s up fairly loud and they dont sound great at any volume.

Well that’s good that you like the klipsch monitors, so you know your room, amps, or other components aren’t faulty, and you know what sound you like, so you either got broken speakers or really dislike the sound of them. You might be able to sell them on ebay as either pickup only or have the buyer pay for shipping if you can’t get a return to work. There’s also stuff like letgo or whatever local buy/sell around you

That’s a great idea! I never considered the eBay local pickup feature. I’ll give it a shot. Wish me luck. And thanks for all the help. I think this is like twice you’ve given me good audio advice.

I also just checked and the jamos are only slightly harder to drive vs the klipsch (90 vs 93db sensitivity) so yeah I hope you are able to get them sold. You could also try reddit a/v exchange, audiogon, reverb, or usaudiomart. I’ve used all of these and they work.

Also np

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Sounds like a mix of too small of a room and too little power. I have 75wpc for my s803s and I can tell they like more. I had them monoblocked for a few days at 225wpc and they sounded a lot better, just havent bought another matching amp again as the one I had bricked and went back. The smsl you listed is 50wpc @ 4ohm(I believe) which means ~25wpc at 8ohm, which I believe those S809s are, which is just not enough. I really feel you need to invest in a bigger amp to get the most out of that size speaker

His RP-150M are also 8 ohm, and he says that there really isnt that much of a difference between his smsl and the Nobsound 6P1 (around 7 watts at 8 ohms), which is really strange. I initially though the same that he would want a large amp as I also thought that they were being under driven. But the fact that he really likes a speaker that takes relatively similar power much much more just makes me think it’s just not his thing. If you can try a more powerful amp @Aqua, go for it and see what happens.

What amps have you used with them lol?

Edit: also just checked the smsl puts out 26 W at 4 ohms to thats correct

I think more amp and some play time and they will Sound Better.

There’s your problem. You downgraded your speakers. Those Klipsch’s blow the Jamo’s away.

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Where you located? .

I gave the 809’s a pass. The 803 bookshelves are WAY better by comparison.

Atmos is always Meh with a bounce speaker.

I have always thought that the modules are more like a “gimmick” compared to dedicated up-surround speakers. They just ain’t that good.
The speakers should be ok.
Could the room or speaker placement be off or amp’s sound/surround settings doing their own thing? Specially when using amps own mic and measurements settings, they aren’t on point always. Could be better result with manual settings or with Direct -mode.