Learning Component Repair

Hi all,

I am looking to get more familiar with how to diagnose and repair audio components.

What are some good books to get started with as a noob in this area?


  • Are you familiar with electronic basics such as Ohms Law, Kirchhoffs law, etc.?
  • Any soldering experience? (Yes brazing from HVAC or similar fields also counts)
  • Any existing tools? (Multimeter, bench PSU, etc.)

This below playlist is a good starting point. Every time you don’t understand something, put it into the search engine of your choice and read/watch/listen/try until it makes sense.

The Arduino website has some good reading material. Is focused on Micro Controllers.

Any question you may have has probably been asked on the EEVBlog Forum.


This is very helpful!
Thank you!

I have a very rudimentary multimeter and very basic soldering skills.
All the rest we can assume I have next to no knowledge.

My goal is to be able to do things like recap my own equipment and diagnose basic problems.

Thanks again!

Good enough.

Just mind that anything that may be at grid (or above) voltage is a potential death sentence.

Maybe check out Louis Rossman Youtube Channel, or Mr Carlsons Lab. Depending on how technical you want your understanding to become.

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