Least christmassy christmas music

Title says it all.

I’ll make a start:

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Good idea!

This one is nice:


Damn I forgot about this one:

If I ain’t drunk then it ain’t Christmas
You know where to stick those jingle bells!

And, why haven’t I heard this one before:

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AC/DC - I want a mistress for christmas:


Well still xmassy but at least some decent artists in the mix


Two legends RIP Kirsty :cry:

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Oh, I have one of these I’ve been keeping around for a while now.

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Not quite a song, but I think it fits the theme:

I love that this is real and pretty damn good.

Just stumbled on this one

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Song for @LeDechaine and his arson

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Note to all: I’m not a real arsonist, thank you. :laughing:

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Carol of the bells is my favourite christmas song, and its probably because its not all that christmasy. I find it almost a bit chilling/sinister, atleast with the right recording like the version in “home alone” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1yZah5l6S0


Interesting rendition indeed!