Least Soundstage

Which headphone has the least soundstage? Verite open, Utopia or Heddphone

I would say it would be the Utopia by a hair compared to the verite. By least I assume most intimate?


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Thing is i think im gonna go for the Utopia. I loved the Elex. people love the Clear. And i hear people say the Elex sounds like the Utopia.

The ZMF headphones sound great yeah. but they lack detail. and Zeos didnt like it. a lot of people dont seem to care about it.

The utopia and verite are on a similar level imo, it more comes down to preference. For what you are after I think you would prefer the utopia a bit more imo

I really want the Verite. Zacks tuning and i can use it on tubes? oh man

That is something to consider, I think the utopia preforms better on solid state and the verite preforms better on tubes

I think i’ll wait till i get my darkvoice and listen to my hd600 on it. i remember really liking my sundara on a cheap tube amp. but who knows? i may decide i dont like it

That’s a pretty good idea, that way you can figure out what you end up preferring

Also do note that tubes are known for adding soundstage

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