Legacy 3 driver flex

Anyone here with the legacy 3 who has has issues with driver flex? I just bought the clockwork pair and I’m having really bad driver flex in the right ear and there’s a slight midbass imbalance. I checked the vent and it’s clear. Is there anything I can do to remedy this issue or should I exchange them for another pair?

I have two custom Legacy 3’s. The first one I received had no driver flex issues for a long time until the left IEM out of nowhere had bad driver flex. My second custom has no driver flex issues.

Driver flex shouldn’t be an actual problem with the IEM, but if you’re experiencing a channel imbalance, then there might be damage to the IEM. If you hear a loss in bass, then the DD is shot. Be sure to check if its the IEM or if there’s an issue with your gear. If you have a different IEM, test your system with the other IEM to see if its a problem with the Legacy 3 or your system.

Is it brand new? Try contacting Linsoul on their Discord Channel. Ask to speak to Deng. He’ll let you know what can be done. Don’t expect much though.


Thanks for the into! Yes it’s brand new, had it for two days. At first I just thought all the tracks I was listening to had the kick drum panned left but it followed when i switched ears. I tried some tracks I’m very familiar with and it’s not great but it’s noticable and throws me off. I’ve heard of QC issues with these but I was just trying to get an idea of how wide spread it is. I tried looking at forums and found a couple but not many.

Sounds like you have a bad dynamic in the right IEM. I would return asap.

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Thanks, I have another pair being sent and while I’m at it I’m going to A/B set variance too.

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For what it’s worth, I experience driver flex in the right iem of my L3, but it has zero impact on the sound.

I just received my second set and the driver flex is in both ears but it’s very negligible unlike the first set and these are perfectly balanced. So I’m let to believe that there was just an issue with the first pair. I A/B’d the two pairs and they were most definately different.

Driver flex does not mean your IEM is faulty. I have an IBasso IEM that has an extremely loud cracking driver flex sound, but the IEM sounds fine while playing audio. Try not to worry about it as long as the music sounds right.

Yes, i am painfully aware of this. Its just an annoyance for me. Its the driver unbalance that made me take them back.