LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers - Anyone Heard of These?

Signal/Power filtering has grown as an interest of mine since I added the ifi PowerStation to my system. Before, I could hear a faint hissing/humming when I plugged in the Hifiman Ananda into the Auralic Taurus MkII Headamp, and after, the hissing/humming reduced, however is still there. After some research, I stumbled upon the LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers - they’re a supposedly significant upgrade for all passive loudspeakers, according to multiple reviewers.

These are little pigtails for your speakers which will apparently supercharge your sound. LessLoss, 6moons and Hifi Knights all claim that they have a similar if not bigger effect than upgrading the tweeter or replacing the caps in your speakers, because of the high-frequency filtering these put in. A special manufacturing process makes these anything but than a run-of-the-mill cable… or not?

Here’s some pictures of them:

Man, It’s unfortunate ifi doesn’t make anything like these. A set wouldn’t cost so much if they did.

Anyways, I’m interested in trying them out, and am wondering if anyone here has heard/heard of them.

All input is greatly appreciated :smiley:

I would not buy anything from a company selling 160$ / unit equipment stands or +1000$ power cables. And not the Firewall thingy. :wink:
Besides if memory servers… 6moons also marketed audio stones and bronze plates that enhances audio so nooooooooo.

Relating for the actual wall power. Starting from the very basic is a way forward.
Buildings / houses electric / power system full fix / rebuild. Something may cause the noted sound “errors” like a fridge or something else.

Also just by troubleshooting individual gear and components you might find something that causes issues. Like only Ananda’s to Auralic (no source or other gear), is there hissing still. Same with power, only Auralic to only wall socket and so on. Does it happen with friend house and so on.
Test Anandas to other amp and only that. Is there still hissing, test with other headphones with Auralic and so on.
Eventually something odd may pop up and there is the problem.

But many times it’s just easier to buy something expensive audio related mambojambo than actually find and fix what is causing, the noticed thing. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I do agree. Buying more is just the expensive, lazy way to go about things when It comes to one’s Hi-Fi system. Thank you for the input :wink:


I cannot remember the brand, but starting around $100, there are these power filters that are a good buy. many have varying degrees of them on here.

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Clean power from the wall is very important. My audio gear is set up on a that was rewired recently with a completely separate breaker box from the rest of the house (done simply because it facilitated the rewiring) so it seems to me the power I am using is very clean or at least seams so.


well, if you’re spending 10’s of thousands or more on audio gear, it would make sense to spend a few grand and do your best to make sure your power is the best it can be as well.

I just wish I could remember the brand that has those $100 power bar / filter / conditioners…cause several users on here that have them said they noticed more clarity / detail afterwards.

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If you’re living in the UK, Tacima has good stuff, according to the british audiophile’s channel. They make filtered powerstrips as well as things alike the ifi AC iPurifier for under $100.