Lets discuss speakers that don't need a lot of power and the hardware that gives it?

what are some examples of good speakers that don’t need more than, say, 10w of power and what kind of amps, etc, should you consider matching them to?

sub $1000 for the main discussion, but feel free to talk about totl parts too as it’s all fun to learn about! :smiley:

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Cheating methodology would be to filter out stuff that is high SPL. Smarter heads will come in, but I know designs that utilize horns, and drivers with lighter moving mass, paper cones, accordion-type surrounds. Larger cabinets can help. Full-range drivers help.

I’ve just come across Lil’ Audio care of this forum.

It seems like the cheap availability of power, craving of and implementation of BASS in popular music has made the focus on these designs much more niche - and ultimately upmarket.

Looking forward to the suggestions from others.

Home theater people used PA speakers 96db sensitivity.

is the dBa influenced by the speakers impedance?

Hell if i know berhinger PA 12in passive im just rattling off the spec sheet.

95db sensitivity/peak SPL
800w peak 200w continous.

read they have to be crossed over 90 hrz paired with subwoofer for home use.

Im getting hung up on sensitivity and SPL for some reason. Going by the teachings of zeos, a speaker with high sensitivity 98 or greater will play loud with little wattage.

But question is speakers that dont need power that sound good.

45w peak so 10-20w class D 5in woofer 1in soft dome tweeter backed up with a 10in ported sub in a pretty good sounding room damn great. My guess the space its acoustics and the active sub play a large role.

$100 speakers sound like ass used as a center ch. Single klipsch 600m as a center channel sounds great.

vintage or diy. i dont know of about any speakers that are 95db+ sensitivity under 1 grand. besides PA speakers…but PA speakers…

ohms doesnt matter unless they list it as 2.83v. 2.83v is equal to 2 watts at 4ohms and 1 watt at 8 ohms.

I like the MTM design one, multiple drivers look awesome. Two, makes me feel like i have mini towers.

Talk about ultra budget… I was using the BS5 speakers with a Topping MX-3 for quite a while there. And that was a very decent combination. Punched waaaay above their weight class.

I don’t think the center channels were available back then. I think I would have gone that way if they were…