Let's list the tube amp brands that we can

Wow no love for the ha300 I see how it is lol, love that thing

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The HA-6A looks nice from what I’ve been seeing

Cayin is one of my top favorites alongside Ruby

Angstrom Audiolab

Feliks Audio



Viva Audio

My god the price of the viva amps make my skitch itch.

That Quicksilver is beautiful and the TorAudio stuff is really cool, not to mention affordable.

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Just curious has anybody heard of Wolf Ear amps before? Have you heard this particular amp model?

Wolf Ear Audio Makoyi Headphone Amp - Trades Updated! | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.org

Wolf Ear Audio Makoyi ~ $3k MSRP (cap upgraded and attenuator) made in Canada

Class-A Single Ended Triode (SET), Transformer Coupled Headphone Amplifier

A new transformer-coupled headphone amplifier designed to dominate hard to drive headphones with ease. Boasting 4.5 watts of pure Class A amplification, this is a wonderful sounding and versatile design with gobs of power for any headphone type.

For best results try it with headphones like the HE-1000, LCD-3/4 and AB-1266. You’ll be glad you did!

Power Supply

One mains transformer and two large chokes are employed for maximum filtering. The power is rectified with hyper-fast, soft recovery FRED rectifiers (the closest thing to a tube rectifier, but without the voltage loss and current limitations).

Only high quality film capacitors used throughout the power supply, which will vastly out speed, outperform and outlast even the very best electrolytic capacitors.

Driver and Output Stage

The topology used on the driver maximizes voltage gain and is extremely linear. Use your favorite 6SN7 type tube here.

The output stage is extremely versatile and is rollable with a wide array of different tube types, including (but not limited to) 6L6, EL34, KT88, etc.

We included some very nice NOS 1960’s tubes to get you started.

The output transformer is an ultra wide bandwidth, high performance type custom made specifically for low impedance headphones.

very true! I am impressed with how friendly their prices are…very much in line with the Bottlehead Crack. I wonder how they sound in comparison to the Crack.

I have been curious since I first saw them on Zeos. Love to try one out.

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