Let's start a raffle

There seems to be almost 3000 users on here.

What if we start some sort of raffle with buy in of 1-2 dollars each. Then at the end of the year, we have a raffle with the money and some audio gear as a give away?

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End of year I mean 2020

That would be pretty cool. Hard to organize tho lol

sounds like fun, but how…?

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Would have to be through some sort of crowd finding type account - and traceable.

To enter please send a front and back picture of your credit card. You will automatically be entered into the raffle

Since I have a mod tag now I unfortunately required to inform you that this is a joke and please do not do this


Send it to me… I need the funds to clear my 100000 million in inheritance.

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are you a Nigerian prince? you promise to send 90 virgins and $1 million dollars in return?

No for that I need your social security number as well. Tax reasons

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okay i send, yes no problem

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This excludes all the people too poor to afford $2 lol, me

Should is send my social security too?