Let's talk about quadcopter / drones

I’ve just learned that quadcopters / drones are so popular now that there is a massive DiY industry surrounding them. I shouldn’t be surprised…but dang!

anyhow, I’m looking for info on good / solid but affordable options for a beginner and his uncoordinated 7 year old grandson.

there are a bazillion options from China under $50…but I don’t want to spend that kinda change for something that is essentially throw away. I mean…if there is a $50 option from an established brand that you can buy replaceable parts and extra batteries and such, I’m game…but I haven’t seen anything like that. :frowning:

don’t need anything fancy like camera (maybe that will come later), just tough / hardy and perhaps recall / one-touch-landing or whatever drones version of SAFE is.

Tomzon A31
Inexpensive, beginner drone. Probably close to what you want and a good YT channel to get some reviews of smaller cheaper drones.


appears the brand TOMZON is not available in Canada. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well check out the YT channel, he has a lot of good drones for starting out with. Hopefully at least 1 is available in Canada.

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well…upon review of TOMZON, I do not like the fact that everything is proprietary. that’s a definite no / out.

Unless you do a DIY most of the time the propellers are going to be proprietary.

Also for a mini sized drone most of the batteries are made for the model. I recommended a mini since you said it was for a beginner and having a smaller and lighter drone is a good way to learn how to fly it and also to see if you like flying it. Heavier and bigger drones can do damage if they hit people and things.

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oh yes…I don’t want a big fancy drone with a camera or anything…at least not yet as I’m more interested in fixed wing RC and reading into Flite Test DiY platform.

there is a Chinese brand called JJRC and I really like the idea of the H36s…it converts the quadcopter into a hovercraft as well as a VTOL glider wing:

I just pinged them with an email asking about extra props and batteries.

That looks really interesting, let me know what you hear from them.

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