Lets talk about some high end subwoofer/ 3 way speaker volume control

Preface: i use a minidsp nano Digi as a crossover.it has digital inputs and outputs and internal volume control. but when I use digital volume control (windows, in-game, Spotify) I get bit loss, the fix is analog volume control. they are easy to find until you want to add a subwoofer

the Coleman SR5.1Mk2:
it’s a 5.1 volume controller that’s 6 individual channels on one knob and that’s it and boy is it great. You do not need this unless you have 2 or 3 balanced dacs dacs and a subwoofer.

the Colemen stack:
one little bear xlr speaker switcher
3x nobsound ns-o5p xlr volume control for fine-tuning levels
Coleman SR5.1Mk2
edit 1 i use the speaker switcher to switch between my studio monitors

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Nice, coleman stuff is pretty sweet, real nice

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