Let's talk about the Kanto TUK

Z is in love with them and what I read/heard about them from their preview/demo at CES makes me want them too. however I’m not sure I can justify getting them since I have the YU6 w/SUIB8.

Joe N Tell was pretty stoked about them too. Caught my eye but still enjoying the Fluance i40s. They do look great but waiting a bit to hear more from others

one review I read said they easily outclassed my YU6, however if you needed something, they would be the next best choice. my understanding is that they’re so good on the bass response you don’t really need a sub, even. :open_mouth:

I’m going to borrow your thread a little. I am also intrigued by the Kanto TUK’s. Seems that not only Zeos is impressed by these. I have seen other reviews get equally excited about these (okay not equally, Zeo’s reactions is in a league of its own).

Now my predicament is to go with the Swans M300 or the Kanto TUK’s. Anybody got any input?


mebe get in touch with Zeos and see what he’s got to say?

Well the tuks are $300 more than the swans, so it really depends if the features/sound on the tuk is worth the price difference. Also at that price you should consider edifier s3000pro since they are just as good (maybe better?) than the swans.

But yes it’d be best to get a opinion from someone who has used all three extensively. @ZeosPantera

and if you really want true end game speakers, the KEF LSX. :wink:

This is true the TUK’s are more expensive but they look 10 x better. Being in the design industry I guess I am a bit of a product design nerd so that plays a factor too. Even though the bang for the buck is also a factor. Who doesn’t like a good deal? :slight_smile:

I need to do more research on the Edifier S3000 pro (I can say straight away they are prettier than the M300) and I saw that I could order them via the UK being that I am in Sweden.
Kef LSX looks nice too. End game for 1500 dollars sounds pretty cool but I recently upgraded my car audio and that might be a little steep for me at the moment.

The Vanatoo’s would be an option but they have no European retailers so the shipping would be too crazy to justify it.

If Zeos does read this: Nice for going with dark mode on the forum.

I pre ordered the Tuk because I was tired of the thought of those seriously amazing looking speakers clawing at the back of my mind. $800 is a little high for me, but if you want good speakers, you’re talking at least $500 and if I’m going to spend that, I might as well go all the way or I would just regret not doing so. It also helps that they are active. If you told me I had to spend $800 on the speakers and still need an amp/dac to run them properly, I would never consider it. But the whole package for $800, looks and all, suddenly becomes more appealing when you consider you don’t have to spend any more after that. Just think: you’re getting speakers, as well as a really good amp/dac built in (with Bluetooth) all for the price. It breaks it down better. Not to mention the added headphone amp makes a great feature for those lacking in that department.

My real reason for joining this thread is to find out what kind of sub to pair with these that doesn’t break the bank. I’m thinking that aesthetically and for the sake of good pairing, I’m wanting to go with Kantos sub for around $250. But I haven’t heard if it’s good for the money or not. @Marzipan how is the kanto SUB8?