LETSHUOER Christmas and New Years sales

Hi all, LETSHUOER, used to known as Shuoer Acoustics, is having a great sale going on. This is the lowest official prices I’ve personally seen on our line of products, including 675.2 USD for the EJ07, 480.2 USD for the EJ07M, etc. Check out our official website and get the deal while it’s hot:


Super-low prices on the EJ07 and EJ07M, if you’ve been holding out!


That S12 sure looks interesting, but with no description on the tuning or frequency graph I can see on the web page, will have to wait on people like HBB to review.

Dear @shuoer,
Could you tell me what is the plan for the estimated shipping date of those S12 IEMs?

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I asked them and they said probably mid-Jan

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Some units already went out. I am thinking about asking for the company to pay for a shipping tracker or something since Yanwen takes a while and I know people get anxious after like the second week.