🔶 LETSHUOER Z12 (Z Collab)

This is the official thread for the LETSHUOER Z12 (Z Collab)

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: Suggested
  • Driver: 14.8mm Planar

:red_circle: HifiGo Link


Z Reviews…


RELEASE at MIDNIGHT!! 22nd at 0:00 EST!

ALSO if you drop a ~200 word review of the Z12’s in here after purchase, you qualify to get a free 4.4mm cable along with your next order on HiFiGo.com , or just pay shipping if you don’t want to wait.

ALSO Dekoni has granted a limited time 10% off coupon since I prefer them with their tips.
Dekoni Tips ------------------ Dekoni Premium Memory Foam Isolation Earphone Tips black - Mercury 4.9mm | Dekoni Audio

10% Coupon Code :: ZIEMLAUNCH


Yo @ZeosPantera, is HifiGo handling the review samples?

Would be nice to see some on hfgf :cookie:

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Yeah, you can message them about it. I am not sure how many more samples they have they sent out a bunch.


Just ordered the $169 kit. Let’s goooooooo.

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Just ordered my first Planar IEM :slight_smile:


Got mine. Can’t wait.

I have two pairs of s12 sooo, giveaway!

There’s a giveaway? For the Z12?

Gizaudio Review of the Z12.


Yep, check out hifigo pages etc.

Very excited for these! GG

Really really good I am so excited for this

Z’s first collab.

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Yeah… I just wanna win something, ok?

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Looking forward for this…

I just ordered these. S12’s are very good. I also like low- and subbass so these will be even better!

Looking good, color coded :wink:

Looking forward to getting these and the balanced cables.

Yes, the first one. The price seems good.