LF Amp with audio interface

Is there a good combo for Audio interface with XLR (obviously) that can also be a decent amp for my 6xx? Or should I just look for on and the other separately? And if so do you guys have any decent recommendations for amps in 100$ range?

Most audio interfaces have a headphone jack that is good enough for monitoring.
The Motu M2 is above average concerning headphone out for audio interfaces, but not anywhere close to headphone amps in performance.

Since I don’t have experience with either, I can’t give much advice.

What do you need it for? Recording vocals/instrument, etc? Streaming/Video production?

I would point you towards WaveTheory’s Writeup on the 6xx and his sub $200 amp roundup.
Someone with knowledge will be here shortly, please stand by :wink:

I need it for microphone connection and monitoring ^^

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