LF Speakers and DAC (with bluetooth if possible)

Hello I am looking for Speakers and a DAC in GERMANY which is very important.

I wanted small ones.
And I dont want to spend more than 500€ for everything.
I only listen to music and don’t produce it or do gaming or something else.
I would love to have the a3x adams since my friend has them and i really like them.
But yeah they’re too much.
Micca was also something I wanted but it is not available in Germany.

So I have thomann.de and amazon and ebaykleinanzeigen.

Anyone can give me a hint?

If anyone sells something I’d be up for it.

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welcome to HFG, HFM!

since you only speak speakers and a DAC, it’s safe to assume you’re thinking powered speakers?

what kind of setup are you planning? for example, nearfield at your desk? or in a room where you’ll sit in a comfy chair and relax? or something else?

and when you say small…how small are we talking? actually, a better way to ask is for you to tell us the biggest they can be.

if you are open to considering passive speakers, a lot more world opens up to you and a distinct chance of much better sound with it.

what kind of music do you listen to? speakers can have a house sound that leans towards warmth or being more neutral and clinical, but the biggest influence would be the DAC and amp you go with. knowing the genres of music you prefer can help focus the suggestions for DAC and amps if you’re open to passive speakers.

a good powered speaker brand is Edifier.

for passive, the Kanto YUP6W are well regarded by many.

edit - looking at thomann, they have some powered nearfield monitors from Focal to consider, like the Shape, Alpha and Alpha Evo. the problem with them though is they’re monitors, so the idea behind them is music creation and monitors tend to be very neutral / critical sounding, so if you listen to music that does better with warmth, they’re not so good.

also, I should mention that if these have to be close to the wall, you want speakers with front ports, not rear as those with rear need to be 1 - 3ft from the wall otherwise their sound is impaired. so that makes the Focal Shape good as they’re designed for placement by the wall.

last bit, a number of Edifier speakers are available on Amazon.de. it should also be mentioned that powered speakers usually have a built in DAC, so if you connect to your PC via USB cable, you don’t need one. if you want to use a dedicated DAC, then you would connect via RCA.

if you can stretch your budget:



and for Focal Shape…

  • these don’t appear to be available on Amazon.de
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I have these in my bedroom. I like them.

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he’s gots a budget with a lot more room.

what about iLoud?

Small speakers that are fantastic and have an internal dac would be vanatoo T0s if you can get them in Germany. After that the ilouds would be my choice based off of reviews.

That’s 157 each so 314 for a pair + the price of a DAC.

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