LG Phone or Hiby R3/R5/ R6

I need storage space and good output. Currently using a BTR5, but plan to upgrade to a good headphone down the line. (HD 58x/ Sundara/ M1060/ LCD -2C/or u help me pls).

If the BTR5 balanced can handle these headphones then i guess buying the LG phone is the way to go, as i don’t have to carry around an extra device. OR will it be better to drive a high end headphone with a good portable player?

Any advice welcome! :slight_smile:

Happy quarantine and stay safe everyone!

It’s always better to have additional device for such use. Phones are for communication. Using it as a music player you’ll be constantly attracted with apps and your battery will die in no time. With DAPs however you have a device SPECIFICALLY MADE for music playing. Separate battery, no battery draining apps or modules inside that you don’t use and now many of them like R5 are Android based. You can use it just like a phone.

interesting point about apps grabbing your attention. i hadn’t thought of that before.
My phone is just a glorified DAP right now. i use it 90% for music only.

I plan on upgrading to a good headphones, so i want something able to drive it. i could either go for a dedicated dac/amp or a good DAP with enough power. do you think a portable player will limit the performance of headphones? (lets say Sundaras)

I saw a guy on audio meet with his portable setup. Sundara’s plugged in to Fiio M5. It was a OK experience. With DAP’s like R5, M11 you’re getting 5-10x more power than that.

Getting a Hiby will be a good investment it feels like.

I just want someone to tell me what i will be missing when compared to a dedicated dac/amp setup.

Well, if you have a sundara something like the hiby r5/r6 pro will more properly drive them, giving a better experience. The lg has a pretty decent dac, but it’s amp portion for something besides iems is kinda lacking imo, also you have to trick the lg phones into high impedance mode as well for some headphones which is kinda annoying. The hiby isn’t going to be as fast and feature rich as a phone, but it’s for music so it doesn’t really need to be. Also if you go hiby you would want to recable to balanced for your headphones to take advantage of the extra performance of the balanced out on the hiby

Yeah, balanced cables are on my list too.

I do not think i will be able to make any decision soon. smh.

thanks for the reply :slight_smile: as of this moment, neck deep in internet forums on headphones/daps/cables. i might just buy a balanced cable for my FH7 to sooth my soul! lol

I should say that I personally prefer dac/amp combos attached to phones for convenience and also more “futureproof” setups, they can give the same performance as a dap

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Well mostly battery life, price and convenience will be reasons to go for one option or another. You can get much more power for cheaper with DAC/Amp although you have to attach them to your phone and most of the time they are bulky and can get pretty hot in no time. Also battery life is mostly not that great with 6 hours being an average for more powerful units. DAP is a completely separate All In One device. Less power but you got everything packed in one unit and you can completely forget about your phone.

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Thank u M0n and BitWolf

I will be back after a “quick research” online, so lets sayyy in a few days!

Cheers! and stay safe :slight_smile:

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