Lg phone question

I’m looking at an lg v30 since it’s said that it has a good dac but I was looking if the lg v35 still had the dac?

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I would think that every DAP has to have an amp AND a DAC to work.

They have the same dac in them

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As far as I know, every LG V series from the V30 onwards have the exact same dac. The V20 has the same dac too, however, it is tuned different.


yeah for sure, all lgs basically have similiar dacs. honestly dosen’t matter

Thanks for clearing that up

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Bit late to the party, but I have to post this, because it just blew my mind to see that the LG V35 could be so much better than the V30 that it’s closer to a Chord Hugo 2: https://mobile.twitter.com/SoundExpertOrg/status/1382993149925191681

This is based on the difference in dB between each device’s real output signal and a calculated “perfect reproduction” based on the same digital materials that were played back.

(Also, annoying to see how much fidelity these damn Chords have in an objecitve measurement. I always thought they were just gimmicky and overpriced - seems they might just be overpriced. :stuck_out_tongue: Also funny to note how much better the tiny Shanling M0 is than its larger sibling the M8.)

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