LG V30 vs ES100 & BTR5

I’m using lg v30 which has (ESS Sabre quad dac) Y’all think it is worth it to use like ES100 OR BTR5 on the go sonicwise?

It depends on what headphones or iems you are using, the v30 is solid though, so it’s moreso that you would be getting a better amp with something like a btr5 (I personally wouldn’t get the es100 if you already have the v30)

Just for my iems

what kind of IEMs…

i mean i wonder about what i’ll buy that will work well with the V35 but we need to know what kind of IEMs you have to see if youd need the others

I would really suggest holding off and getting something higher tier imo, the v30 is solid already. The btr5 would be an upgrade in sound when using balanced but it might not be a large enough jump

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