Life is too fragile and short, appreciate every moment

This starting week for me has been rough to say the least and I am still trying to move on and keep my head up high despite what happened back in the 27th of February. During that date, with a sense of dread in me during that whole day shrugging it off as me having a bad sleep, one of my worst fears came true. My great-grandma during that evening has passed away, and to no avail with that happening via knowing it by my family’s group chat, I immediately messaged my mom, dad and my two little brothers just to say “I love you, I love you so much and please stay safe as always for I cannot be here without you.” and I call my mom and cried, for I do not know what will happen to me if a case like that happen to any of my family who are still alive to this day. Feeling for my grandma that evening, when she came home along with my grandpa, I immediately hugged her, for I am so worried and sorry for her after the passing of her mother, for the pain is too great for any child seeing their mother or father passing away before their eyes, and I am sure my grandma is still a child to my great-grandma’s eyes, and she really loved her dearly as we have.

I know this is too personal to some of you and sure some of you wouldn’t even care about this, but I just want to say. Whatever hatred, pettiness, disagreements and issues that you have/had with your family, lover, friends, etc. Please, forgive one another, let go of that hatred and pettiness that formed for life is too short and fragile. In every shape or form, cherish every moment with them and say “I love you” before it’s too late, for that feeling of regret and not being able to say those words while they were still alive, I know that feeling and it has been tough and hard, plus with this shit going on this fucked up year other than this takes a toll on everyone, especially when they had to deal with this shit similar to mine.

So cherish every moment, love them as always, and before it’s too late forgive them, make amends and say “I love you” regardless if it’s verbal or not. I am going to need a break from this, for I have not been sleeping right and eating right lately, hope bit by bit things would at least get a bit better. Stay safe out there people.


I understand. I survived an injury that has a 90% fatality rate and that gave me new perspective on life…and then in 2014, my little brother took his life and that suddenly made family so much more important.

for some brevity, life is too fragile and short, so send me money and I’ll enjoy the lavish lifestyle all of you wish you could have but don’t because you gave me your money. :wink:


I am sorry to hear about your great-grandma. I still remember my mom’s mother passing, and it was over 40 years ago. It will get better. One of the things I always took away from that relationship was that I knew I was loved, and was worth being loved.

My wife had a series of health issues that left her with mobility and memory problems of someone about 30+ years older than she is, and it definitely gave me a different perspective on things. I try to spend my time with family, and really cherish my time with grandkids.

I never got along with my father, and didn’t see him the last few years he was alive. He was an abusive jerk that I avoided, so it seemed fitting that it was how his life ended from my perspective. My mother on the other hand is a fantastic person, who is patient and kind, and made the world a little better for others.

Both my wife’s folks and my mom are in their late 70s, so we could lose them soon, or two decades from now. You never know, and that further supports saying “I love you” to them. We currently live near my wife’s parents to help them in retirement ( they both have memory problems ). I miss being closer to my mom and grandkids, but I video call with them regularly.

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lots of time with family is a great thing! especially if you have ANC headphones… :wink:


Sorry for your lost truly. Of all 4 of my grandparents I have only 1 left, these things happen.
2021 was not easy for me, on Janurary my mother’s mother passed away, and on October there was a tumor found inside my spinal cord. I spent 20 days in the hospital. Even though it was benign and the surgery(I was cut open and got one section of my spinal cord replaced) was success, my right hand was paralized. Doctor said I will recover but now it has been 4 months and the recovery is rather slow. And did I mention I’m only 26 and I played the piano?
Life is too fragile and short, sometimes I think about other parts of our universe that are far far away from our galaxy and I imagine planets that move silently and solemnly in the space and none of what happens on our planet can have any effect on them, all the sorrows or happiness, agony or joy are so trivial in the whole scale of things. Human race might destroy itself but it matters not to any place outside of our planet. The universe lives on.
So maybe it’s a good thing human lifes are fragile and short.


lol, agreed ANC does help sometimes, but I would still rather be in a chaotic room with family that a quiet one by myself most of the time.

Sorry about your brother. I lost a half brother the same way about 20 years ago. Both of my parents had boys about a month apart in their second marriages. My other half brother went out of his way to make time for me when that happened, even though he didn’t know him, so it was nothing more than taking care of his older half brother ( I am 15 years older ).

thanks JWC…losing him has been the worst thing of my life. even with how badly I came out from my mentioned injury, it pales in comparison to the trauma of losing a loved one.

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Its important to spend time with your family and loved ones, and to tell them that you appreciate them…

I lost my mum last november after a short period of illness (undetected fast spreading cancer), and i am glad to have spend so much time with here as i did. We lived only a few kilometers away, and for the last 6-7 years i visited almost every day (only exceptions was if i was traveling, sick or something extraordinary happened that day), as i walked her dog and she made me dinner in return.

We had a very close relationship, and it was mostly her and me (and the aforementioned dog) as my dad died when i was 3 and we where a small family. Its been a few months now, and even though everyday life has returned to normal, it will take longer to “get over it” properly. And with covid around still, i have been seeing my friends and relatives less than before, so it can get a bit lonely.

I noticed i have binged a lot more tv-series than before, as those can be almost put on as background noise and disengage your brain for a while. Played a bit less music than before, and in general had a bit of trouble getting things done. If i where a psychologist, i would probably say i have had a slight depression the last few months :sweat_smile: Think things are changing though… spring is in the air, sort of, and i do feel my mood has been a little bit lighter lately.

Now, if we only can avoid mentioning the war!


I can volunteer also.
Just merely sum of 200k would be more than enough for a modest house.
Could go up to 3m and dedicate my life for free volunteer work.


yeah yeah yeah, get in line, I was first! :joy:

now, enough funny stuff…though I hope it did crack some smiles, even if slight.


Thank you for the replies everyone and I appreciate the humor that came along with it, for we needed that little laugh after what has transpired to most people. I am getting a bit better now and bit-by-bit returning to my usual self, for I know that my great-grandmother will not tolerate the crap that I have been doing to myself and she prefers seeing me doing the usual shit that my family knows well and loves about me.

She was a strong woman, and for her age, she was still strong meaning she would still do shit like housework with no problems and she was even faster than my grandmother when it comes to walking and the funny thing is, every time they go up or go down the stairs, my great-grandmother is the one lending a helping hand to my grandmother, even though it should be the other way around.

This coming sunday, it will be her burial and I already released all of the sorrows that bottled up in me, for she prefers for us cherishing her memories with her and have a bit of glint of hope in life, even right now it is a pain in the ass. God bless her soul, if a god is truly there.