Lifespan of sundara

so i am currently an owner of hifiman sundara and oh my gewd the sound is amazingg
but recently i have been surfing in the headphone forums and saw a lot of peaple posting about hifiman qc issues and also some sundara qc issues
i saved for 2 years to get a hd 6xx but instead got sundara now i am curious how long can i use this sundara coz i want it to last atleast 3/4 years

I know I won’t be much of a help since I don’t own a pair of Sundaras but this is how I am with my headphones and IEMs, Always be CAREFUL on how you handle them regardless of their build/durability. I have been doing that for years and never single dent of problems occurred hardware wise (except that one time when my little brother accidentally sat on my M40x and then it broke.) to my IEMs and Headphones. Also if possible always put your headphones or Sundaras in a case/bag if you’re not using it, because to me it is working and my headphones are lasting much longer than before.

I know this is not much of a help regarding your Sundaras, but that’s at least I could say is to be careful with it like handling your own child.

tbh i actually use it really carefully but i was talking about driver failure

Oh right, and yeah it’s true concerning about the QC of Headphones/IEMs when they are made from China and it can be frustrating to the buyers who bought the Sundaras with their budget then issues started coming out. It’s a manufacturing failure if issues are starting to happen on your pair, but I guess as long as it is still working there’s nothing to worry about at the moment.

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As long as it lasts?
QC issues with Hifiman’s are so much talked/written that they ain’t only rumors.
Had 1 with snapped headband and another with other quality issues. Managed to sold those since no sound issues but no more Hifiman for me.

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I guess I can chime in here for this one. So, if your wondering if theres any truth to the quality control problems with the company? That’s a resounding yes there is most definitely large quality control problems.

To explain I have had let’s see… 1 400i, 2 sundaras, 1 ananda, and a he-4xx. Love the sundaras but they had the tendency to practically break themselves apart. Primarily driver failure or some sort of sodering problems. They are built very cheap with very little care in my opinion so it’s a bit of a flip of a coin. You have people who have owned several hifiman products and no issues while others like me have had all but 1 break in the span of around 2 months.

My advice? Be extremely careful handling them. Of course you can use the warranty if it’s still up if your having issues but the quality control is still a present issue I have had two people tell me personally that even after using the warranty the headphone just broke again on them. Just be wary of it and be careful. I think the most prominent issue is simply driver imbalance or outright failure… you’ll know when it’s having issues from my experience. Fantastic sounding headphone riddled by in my opinion a company that just don’t give a damn. Really wish they would step it up on the QC they could be so much better

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