Light theme broken

Starting today, the Light theme doesn’t seem to work any more, instead I’m forced to endure the dark theme. The light theme is definitely selected in my user preferences, but doesn’t seem to take effect, even after switching to one of the other themes and back again. I also tried logging out and back in.


Same here, it is driving me crazy, I don’t like to use dark theme.



Yep I can’t get it working either, will look into it and fix that when we get the chance


As much as I am not a fan of the Light theme, I still see its uses for other people, particularly to the folks who have issue on their sight/vision such as color blindness. So yeah, I hope it can be resolved especially to the folks who need it, but as for me I am fine with Dark all the way.

Yeah, when you’re running a 34" or 49" ultrawide, dark theme is your friend…

…Yeah, I wish I can relate to this but I can’t, sorry xD

Just get a decent power flashlight and point it at your eyes. You’ll get the same effect… :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Don’t forget to turn the flashlight on…

I meant I cannot relate to you having a 34" or 49" Ultrawide screen, since my monitor is not something to talk about at the end of the day/ I do get your point of pointing yourself with a flashlight, and yeah, not a pleasant experience.

please ,fix the light theme atlast

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I’ve mentioned it to the admin, prompted again, will update when I get more info

Didn’t know this site had a light theme lol

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I’m not even seeing a light mod option. Just AS Dark and Dark. Not being able to handle dark mode isn’t a matter of preference its a symptom of astigmatism. Basically when you have it white text cases halation. Which causes your eye muscles to strain themselves trying get a clean focus. Which causes eye-strain almost instantly. Basically it needs fixin!

Either it is even more broken now or it went the way of the broken down playground swing: Closed and later removed.

In case a certain someone needs guidance on themes:

So when the theme is going to get fix, for some people dark mode is not friendly user, why are forcing people to use dark mode?

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Indeed. It’s one of the reasons I don’t visit so often.

turn up your LCD’s back-lighting? :upside_down_face:

Looks like it should be easy for one of the site admins to make both dark and light themes available for users to select.

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There are other forums running Discourse that have several themes to pick from.