Lightweight, closed midbassy headphones for fun - 1300€


I currently have a pair of T20RP’s with some angled lambskin pads, and I like their sound a lot.

However, my MDR-1A’s are way more comfortable to me, due to their weight and size so I was hoping you guys had some suggetions that might combine the two.

They HAVE to be closed. I don’t listen to music to analyze it, but to have fun, and I like a punchy midbass.

I would also like them to have a premium build, with replaceable pads and not too long of a cable, if it isn’t replaceable.

I know it’s a lot of features to fulfill, and I haven’t found the perfect headphones for job yet.

I have looked at:

Dan clark x drop Ether CX closed (Weight…?)

Dan clark Aeon 2 closed (But the weight…)

Actually, as I am writing this, I am wondering if it IS the actual weight of the T20’s that is a problem, orthe way the weight is distributed - 'cause I can see that other high end headphones are not at all lighter…

I am looking to spend up to 1300€

Thanks in advance for any replies

You can add a suspension strap to all the T models. that should make the weight distribution better and more comfortable over time. You could buy this first to see if it fixes your problems.

If you are looking at the Aeon 2 the noir might fit ur bill as well.

That’s brilliant - Certainly a lot cheaper than new headphones :smiley:

ZMF Atticus is know for a fun punchy midbass.