Line Magnetic Mini218 IA

Hey guys, I just wanted to put it out there that the Line Magnetic brand of amplifiers seem like a really great price to performance brand of audio goods. My own personal experience w/ a used Mini218 IA has been extremely positive and pleasing. Not only does it power my efficient (96db) speakers it has a headphone output which works just fine on many of my headphones but it is also very capable of accepting a speaker to headphone tap and powering my headphones even better via the speaker taps with an additional adaptor. Clean and very low noise, depending on tubes used w/ genuine tube goodness for under $1k.
This is by no means a review, that would take a lot more details, I just wanted folks to be aware that the brand exists and they have some new products out there. Very pleased with the sound and quality so far. I really want to hear from folks that own one or have had one in the past.

Line Magnetic is pretty solid for sure, definitely something to consider :+1:

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