Linear amps for "Fun" headphones

Asking this question due to FOMO on the latest THX sale in DROP’s website

Hey guys,

I mostly own “fun” headphones, and I’m running them on some low-voltage amps (SMSL AD18, ifi Hip-DAC, Xduoo Link 2), so I wonder if a linear desktop amp would take my collection to the next level.

Here’s my question: Do you think a more powerful & linear amp could better compliment my collection, or is it just more power?

If it’s just more power, then I’m not that interested (low-OHM collection).

My Headphones:

  1. Sivga Phoenix
  2. Focal Elegia
  3. Fidelio X2HR
  4. Koss Porta Pro
  5. DT 770 Pro (80 ohm)

if you juyst a want good linear amp that can compliemnt your gear well hard to fo wrong with the atom+. personally though I prefer something more warm to support the bass region of fun headphones so something like an asgard 3 Imo is just better than a thx amp

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Thanks for the advice!

If I get a linear $100 amp and pair it with say…a Zen DAC - would that add some warmth to the bass region that’s comparable to the Asgard?

honestly DAcs tdont make too big of a sonic difference in this price range I would just stick with whatever sound from an amp you are personally looking for. if you want a nice linear amp with a good oomph to the bass region an magni 3+ is a good pick. . I just honestly am not a fan of the THX sound as its not just linear but extremely clinical and can be bright/harsh. and depending on the headphone just really unpleasant.but the zen dac does have the bass boost setting and the amp built in is warm so if you want to have a warm sounding option the zen dac is a good option to get as a complimentary piece of gear. and Will say no need to feel fomo from the thx sales casue you honestly arent missing much. thx gear were good fro the price but I feel not very appropriate for most people’s preferences

Any chinese op amp will do

This all goes back to… “what do you want to hear differently”?
What do you listen to? How often will you use this desktop amp?
What do you listen to in THAT environment? Why did you buy the headphones you did?

Transition it from just another motivator to buy gear and into a bigger investigation. This fomo thing… if you can identify it, you can do something about it.

I want an amp that maximizes the potential of my efficient headphone collection. Power doesn’t concern me, but a clean & complimentary headphone source does :slightly_smiling_face:

The THX AAA One interested me because I hear it plays nicely with low impedance headphones. I don’t need much power, and I’ve got a warm amp already (ifi Hip DAC), so I’m curious hear how a low-powered linear desktop amp can improve my listening experience.

Schiit Asgard sounds great too, but that’s a lot of power and above my $150 budget.