LINSOUL DEALS (3/28 - 4/1) Consolidated by Z

LINSOUL’s 3/28 sale is going on until the 1st of April and since their site is a coding Hot MESS I have gathered Zeos’ Picks from the over 400 items on sale. At least the ones I have already reviewed and trust.

IF You have any recommendations of your own from the sale feel free to post them below. Any issues with things I picked, post. Anything better from different sites? Post it!

I may go through all of HiFiGo’s sales also. BRB

Poeidon $339 HarmonicDyne Poseidon 50mm Nickel Diaphragm Dynamic Drivers Headphones – Linsoul Audio
BLON B60 $140 BLON BL-B60 Beryllium-Coated Diaphragm Over-Ear Close-Back Headphone – Linsoul Audio
Zeus $315 HarmonicDyne Zeus – Linsoul Audio
Helios $162 HarmonicDyne Helios Headphone – Linsoul Audio
Phoenix $275 Linsoul Audio-Sivga Phoenix 50MM Polycarbonate Film Zebrano Headphone
GL1200 $1269 GoldPlanar GL1200 – Linsoul Audio with caution
SV021 $162 Linsoul Audio-Sivga SV021 Classic Wooden Closed Back Wired Headphone
Timsok $1800 Timsok TS-1024 – Linsoul Audio
GL2000 $575 GoldPlanar GL2000 – Linsoul Audio

IEMS :::
7hz Timeless $198 Linsoul Audio-7HZ Timeless 14.2mm Planar HiFi In-ear Earphone
Mangird Tea $269 Mangird Tea – Linsoul Audio
Tin T5 $110 TinHiFi T5 New Innovation - DOC Dynamic Driver In Ear Earphones – Linsoul Audio
Tin T2 $42 TinHiFi T2 – Linsoul Audio
Shuoer Tape $116 Shuoer Tape – Linsoul Audio
Blon BL03 $22 BLON BL-03 – Linsoul Audio
Shuoer Tape Pro $116 Shuoer Tape Pro – Linsoul Audio
Legacy 3 $107 THIEAUDIO Legacy 3 – Linsoul Audio

DAPs / AMPS :::
Little Bear B4-X $95 Little Bear B4-X – Linsoul Audio
Aune X5s $269 Aune X5S 6th Anniversary – Linsoul Audio
Shanling EM5 $764 SHANLING EM5 Desktop Streaming Music Player Headphone Amplifier – Linsoul Audio
Shanling M6pro $720 Shanling M6 Pro 2021 Bluetooth Portable Hi-Res Music Player – Linsoul Audio

Trip-o-win Cable $40+ Tripowin GranVia Headphone Cable for Sennheiser HD650 HD800 HIFIMAN SUNDARA ANANDA – Linsoul Audio
Shanling MW200 $107 SHANLING MW200 – Linsoul Audio
Singxer SU-6 $713 Singxer SU-6 – Linsoul Audio

Cool :+1: but what’s the vote tag all about :man_shrugging:

If a sale is good. People can vote it up. Ive not tried the feature so we will see how it goes.

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Didn’t know about that feature either lol…but yeah should be good for direct feedback :+1:

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Not to rain on anyone’s parade but after checking a few items price vs amazon. I found the sale is only a sale for some items as amazon is either cheaper or same cost for several of the items marked for sale. Edit for clarity.

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Were the items on amazon sold through the Linsoul store? They have a lot of their inventory up there.

an example the Sivga SV021
Linsoul Audio-Sivga SV021 Classic Wooden Closed Back Wired Headphone 161 on linsol

149 on amazon
Some of the sales are very real though as the Zues is way cheaper on Linsol.

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you have to add in tax for amazon though depending where you are might be more expensive