LInux audio help

Im new to linux and love it…but my pop os distro aint doing well with audio…my dac is 32bit 384…and I managed so that my dac display says 32bit 384k…linux recognized the dac name and sampling rate…but the sound is meh compared to windows default with no eq…so I need somebody with more knowledge in linux to help me get the best audio out of my linux maschine…and can i put peace and eq apo on linux or something similar?

If only someone started a Linux thread on this forum for just that reason.

I don’t have any experience with those specific equalizers, but I think one of these might do the trick:

If you don’t know about the ArchLinux Wiki yet, here’s the link:
It covers a lot of useful tips, tricks and programs for Linux. The instructions are specific to Arch, so you’ll have to look up how to get that software on your distro. It’s a great resource when trying to solve issues even if you’re on another distro.

I forgot to link to the PulseAudio article on it. If the two I suggested don’t do what you need you can go there to find something else that might.

so i installed viper4linux…but i can change and put reverb to max…and nothing…bass +20db…nothing…i can change everything,but sound doesnt change…its like viper is muted always…help??

That’s from the readme on their github page. It looks like you’re going to have to restart it when you change settings.

I wish there was a simpler solution, audio on Linux is still in a rough spot. I think in terms of graphics, things have improved drastically in the past decade thanks in large part to steam and game streaming services. Sadly audio hasn’t seen much improvement. It’s still clunky and breaks easily (ie that last paragraph in the quote).

A lot of this is covered already in: General linux thread