Liquid Spark DAC

I recently acquired a Liquid Spark DAC since my E30 died out literally from having circuit failure and started to smoke. The E30 allowed me to select whatever bit I wanted and since most music is only 16 or 24 it would be great to select that. I use Tidal and Qobuz which allows me to select 16 or 24 bit options but I don’t know if it’s playing at that or 32. Ugh confusing

When plugged in via USB from my PC, I can only select 32 bit. It does now allow me to select 16 or 24 but the LSD page states it supports all bits. Not sure why I can not.

Any news would be greatly helpful.

So this usually means a driver is required to enable the other options. I had the Liquid Spark DAC and I noticed the same thing. I found a general xmos (this was a little bit ago, I believe the USB controller is xmos iirc) driver that worked. Enable all the options you are used to. Sadly I couldn’t find any driver on monoprice’s website for the DAC which is why I went with the general driver.

What version of the Xmos driver did you find to get the DAC to let you select 16/24 bit? Do you have the driver file or the link?

I can’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure it was a Audio-GD Xmas driver that happened to work perfectly and was available for free. I’ll have to take a look on my desktop when I get home to see if I still have it.

Oh thanks man when you have time let me know where to get it if possible. I just got the Liquid and I can’t switch to 16bit or 24 bit only 32 bit.

Any luck with the driver? I looked online for that type found a website that was in Chinese not sure if it was it.

So I do have a generic Xmos driver saved on my desktop, in a folder labeled liquid spark dac. Not 100% sure it’s the one I ended up using, but it’s very possible that it is otherwise I probably wouldn’t have saved it. I can probably put it on Google drive and share a link here

give this a try and let me know, as i no longer have the dac here.

Thanks I will give it a try very soon and will report back see if it worked or not. Thanks!

No problem, just keep in mind, you may need to disconnect the DAC and or restart your PC for it to take effect. Not 100% on that either though.