List of headphones with angled drivers?

There’s just something fun, or, huh, less weird, about hearing music coming from “in front of you” rather than, “the singer singing right in the middle of your brain” with headphones.

Obviously, headphones don’t have to have angled drivers to have a decent soundstage and, make you feel like the stage is in front of you or around you. And yes I also have speakers lol. But I’m curious. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s not common because it’s simply a bad idea too.

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I mean, if you get angled pads this is almost the same effect so it could be added to most headphones lol (not exactly the same but typically does yield similar results, but of course it depends on the headphones)


Yeah I thought about angled pads, and will try them, but most angled pads I saw were huge – and I like when my ears are almost touching the drivers.

(Oh well, apparently Zeos likes the huge ones but there’s a lot of, eh, “normal-sized” angled pads too, interesting!)

the Helios driver is angled

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fidelio x2 hr as well as the he 4xx shipping with angled pads

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B&O H9i
Sennheiser 8x0 series.

AKG N90Q uses angled pistonic motion dynamic drivers (similar technology was subsequently developed / adopted by Audioquest Nighthawks / Nightowls).

Audio technica A and AD line has angled drivers and pad mounts

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Edition XX has a shallower angled pad too. Albeit an egg shaped one.

The Bose QC35 and Sony WH-1000XM3 have symmetric pads but angled drivers if it’s OK to include BT ANC cans on this list.

Super late, but just adding 2 that I own that both have angled drivers. And yes, I prefer them over the standard parallel configuration such as the Sundara and HD600 which I also own. The imaging is pretty impressive on headphones with angled drivers.

HarmonicDyne Zeus
Focal Elegia

Beyer T1 series

Sennheiser HD598

The cheapest angles driver headphone?