Listening it my cans? The source? what am I hearing?

I recently started listening to an old favorite of mine, The Smith’s “Louder than Bombs.” I’m listening via Tidal, which tells me it’s a 2011 “remaster” of the 80s album, and that I’m listening at a “Master” level, i.e. MQA. And I’m listening on my recently acquired HD660s.

How does it sound? Marvelous. But in particular, I’m noticing that the bass, played by Andy Rourke, sounds different. Better. There’s more color to the sound than I’ve ever noticed before. And I really like it.

So, here’s my question: Why am I hearing this now? Is it the fact that it’s a 2011 remaster (vice my older CD)? The MQA? Or the 660s?

It sounds better than what? What’s your point of comparison?

The 660S do have good bass reproduction.