Listening to tonight (Part 2)

Dope as…

Slightly different from Fever Ray :slight_smile:

Just getting ready for my next client…

FiiO M11 ess> Campfire Andromeda 2020

RIP David Crosby :cry:

Edited to add…


I enjoy watching Kebu videos. This one he plays the memorable Jan Hammer song :
Crockett’s Theme - from the show : Miami Vice.
Check out Kebu’s YouTube channel, he’s extremely talented…

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New GoGo Penguin song from new 2023 album.

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Wow. Another one gone. What the Hell… :anguished:

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I know CSN and CSN&Y one of my favourite band/artists of all time :cry:

This morning I was serching for a CD or 2 to bring along for the drive to work and decided to just grab whatever from the collection and go (I was running a bit late!) Turns out I grabbed a good one

It’s Called “Country Rythm and Blues”, released in 1994 and it has some wonderful collaborations on it

  • Vince Gill and Gladys Knight
  • Al Green and Lyle Lovett
  • Aaron Neville and Trisha Yearwood
  • Patti Labelle and Travis Tritt
  • Sam Moore and Conway Twitty

and more! Great listen. The musicians gathered to make this album are amazing. A nice surprise indeed for an early Friday morning commute.

It’s odd because I have been listening to a lot of Croz lately. Did my soul know something was up? I don’t know. We’ll always have the music, which I am grateful for.


Frankfurt Radio Symphony Live: Yulianna Avdeeva & Andris Poga with Mussorgskij,Prokofjew&Rachmaninow - YouTube

Live concert today. 1 pm CST. These are well done!


Waking up with a good cup of coffee and snuggling with my dog.

Tidal>Galaxy S22>BTR7 > Sony IER M9

surprisingly his 4th solo album and best to date


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Take the IE600 for a spin…

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Exactly what i need to relax right now…

YouTube>iFi Gryphon >Symphonium Helios

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