Little Dot dac 1


I have bought a Little Dot Dac 1.
I know i could have been better but I wanted it that way.

I like the chip that’s in it, even though it’s old, and the technology.
It arrived today and I really don’t think it’s bad, it’s a good addition for bedroom use.

Due to its age and outdated usb port, it only outputs 16/44 there and is controlled with the ipad.
With Tidal, which only outputs the 16/44 format anyway, the interaction fits quite well.
Nevertheless, I wondered whether it makes sense to connect a Singxer F1 and then switch to coax as the input to the Little dot Dac.
Supposedly it should then sample it up.
But I am not sure.
I would still like to know before I buy the Sinxer F1 in the future.
It’s not cheap either at 200$?

Does it make sense or is it a waste of money?

Connection would be the Ipad with the Usb camera adapter plugged in via the Usb port then the Singxer F1 which then goes coax to the Dac as an input source.