Little dot ld 3 se

Hi Guys, I just bought this little Amp and would like to open this thread for owners and other interested people since there is no opinion except for one review on youtube, Ill add a review once I have it and spend some time with it.


is this a discontinued model or super new that it’s not coming up anywhere on Google?

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It is New as it looks.

Bit of a steep price for what little is described about the technology.

I find old museum tubes a bit questionable and a pity that they stick to the concept.
The design could be okay but I would have liked to see more modern tube bases.
Especially at this price, I would have checked the availability of tubes.

But if it’s for low-ohm headphones, it might still be OK.

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Its not necessarily for low ohm Headphones, it detects the impedance of the headphones. It also has apparently 10 watt per channel through the speaker output.

Here are my first real impression and the story about my big mistake:
Hope you guys like knob I added, its a 40 year old peace of brass that the previous owner ofmy asr emitter exchanged for a new set, I think it fits quite well.
First of all this amp needs a lot of power, which meets 2 things, it gets hot and dont put it in the wallsocket besides your Computer. When I did that only the right power tube lid up and only that channel worked and I almost returned it to the nice huy that sold it to me, hes not gonna read this but still sorry for the trouble. I figured out my mistake and now its plugged in to a different plug. But enough about my escapades.

Untill now Ive used it only with my Arya Stealths, plugged in to a cma 600i as a dac and I guess also preamp, Ill put my dac soon on the table aswell.
The amplifier easily powers the Aryas while mostly being at noon. This Combo has a great bass responds, that sounds fast, it doesnt have as much slam as the 600i but there is certanly nothing missing.
Overall the best way to describe the sound is smooth silky and addicting. There is no Noise in the amp only the faintest idea of a minute hissing if you turn the amp to 100% while no music is playing. Im very happy with this Amp and I cant wait to get some eficient speakers for my desk, or to try it in my Stereo. It seems to have a higher dynamic range then my solid state, which is espacially noticable currently in Hotel California. High notes can get a bit harsh on the Stealths plugged in to the Questyle, but they just never do with the little dot.
The Amp gets really hot though, especially the tubes obviously, but also the standard knob, not painfully but quite surprisingly hot. The whole chassis gets warm though. You should also give it about 5 min after you turned it on before listening because it needs to warm up and makes quite poping noices, that are to quite to be problematic for your headphones but anoy me, so I just give it some time bevore using it. More follows in a couple days/weeks


thank you for your thoughts!

mebe take a digital meat thermometer and check out how hot it gets…depending on the results, it may be a good idea to have a small breeze blowing over to avoid any pools of hot air to build up around it.

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