Little Dot Mk 1+ tubes

Are there any old hands here who still own the Little Dot Mk 1+ and can recommend tubes for rolling?

I’ve found a bit of stuff, but it’s mostly old posts.

The ones I rolled with:

EF95: Voskhod 6ZH1P-EV ; Mullard CV5654 ; GE 5654
EF92: Mullard CV4015
EF91: Mullard CV4014

You can also quite easily swap op-amps on this to play around with the signature.

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Thank you for your answer.

How good are the Mullard?
I have 3 op amps, the Burson V5i and the Au 627 and the Burson Vivid, all 3 are duals.

It’s been years since I’ve rolled them so going off of memory here.

The EF92 I found to be the most technical. Probably the “best” overall but would’t say it’s the most tube like. The EF91 I found to be very bassy. The EF92 is good middle ground.

Currently have the GE installed. It’s doing some nice things to the midrange.

Had the Voshkod’s in for some time as well.

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Thank you for your answer,:+1::wink:.

What are Voshkod’s?

I have been able to find a dealer in Germany who sell
EF92 CV131 Brimar and EF92 Mullard M8100 each matched.
I have ordered them.

He also had the Western Electric only from another manufacturer.
It is also a bit more expensive.

With the Op amps, I think I’ll just try myself out.

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