Little Dot Mk 3 SE for sale on Massdrop 240$

So the Little Dot Mk 3 SE is for sale on Massdrop for 240$. I’m looking for a full tube amp for my Aeolus. This sounds pretty good but how does it compare to other tube amps in this price range?

I believe the SE is a hybrid tube amp (if that matters to you). I wasn’t a fan of the regular mk3 as I thought it was outperformed by the darkvoice, but this hybrid might be better

ah no, i dont want a hybrid

MK2 for the tube rolling win :+1:

If your going to buy a tube amp make sure it’s a good one. So save your money for something better.

yeah i was thinking about a dark voice or a bottlehead crack. or maybe even a tor roger, i heard you can use it on planars

Good or expensive?..depending on your other kit $?..then a Little Dot Mk2 will introduce you to the headphone tube fun with lots of tube rolling options …oh yeah jumpers too :+1:

Good, some times a good product could be just 50$ away or it could be 100$, the thing is never to regret the purchase and have the ability to return or resell it if it’s not to your choice.

Does anybody, with experience, know if the SE model is better or worse than say a Lyr 3?
The price is the same as a Lyr 3 B-unit.

tor’s can be used on planers, but it produces about 450mw so it will not driver the power hungry ones loud.

I think if you really want to drive planars you want a hybrid or step up to higher price bracket imo

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i do not know about the se, but my lyr3 loves my t60rp’s and has all the juice in the world for them.

Do you also have or had a Vali 2? Just wondering how they compare?

i have not, sorry. i would assume they sound pretty close, just the lyr has way more juice.

Thanks for the reply.

Still one of my favs:

Cayin ha-1a mk2

thats not a DAC, thats a work of art

where do you guys buy DArvoices that aren’t from ali express?

eBay from a legit seller. If you see one for 40 bucks it’s actually a cheap ring

Other sellers online too but I don’t know about for Canada

the 40$ ones are cool. i got a really nice dolphin necklace :grinning:

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