"Little Dot MK2" any good?

Looking to try out tube stuff some time in the future, this is my planned setup:

Sound Setup Upgrade 2 - Tube Stuff - PCPartPicker

Any advice?

Edit; Just changed parts of my setup, check list again.

LDMk2 is a respected starter tube amp, but it can only be used with high impedance headphones.

if you don’t have any 250 ohm and up, you need a hybrid tube amp like the Schiit Vali 2+.

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This amp is actually a hybrid

(ignore this, it is wrong)

That’s wrong it has dip switches and is rated for 32 to 600 ohm sets.

Plus it has and option again via a dip switch to run either 6J1 or EF92 tubes.

That makes it a versatile bargain with lots of after market tubes available to roll too :+1:

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If by that you mean the LD MKII? it’s not it’s full tube.

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it says hybrid in the name on amazon… :<

They lie it’s full tube and I got mine from Amazon UK lol

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multiple questions are also answered with it being a hybrid… someone fucked up somewhere

They did lol…

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I checked the official product page and nothing about hybrid stuff either, RIP

Here’s a pdf of the instructions that come with it :+1:


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That’s because it’s not, but a lot of the LD series are so maybe check them out :+1:

I occasionally use mine to drive my Z1R’s :open_mouth:

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