Little dot mk2 tube swap options?

Ahh ok i see what you were getting at

The mx3 i can use the 3.5mm plug in set it to absolute zero and then rca to the little dot to avoid double amping would that work?

You would still be double amping, so still not ideal but you would just want to make sure you set the volume on the mx3 where you don’t hear any distortion, and you should be good enough

Ok because i can set it to absolute zero db

And hopefully it wont distort

If it doesn’t distort you should be fine

Ok thank you lots for all the information

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The LD II should be fine with headphones rated between 30-600 ohms if you use the internal dip switches to match the hp’s requirements :+1:

These are valves I use for mine…

Ok thanks what do you mean by internal dip switches?


Sorry I’m a bit busy at work at the mo buddy but this should help explain a bit more about the LD MK2 :+1:

Thank you very much i was not aware of that and i will be sure to fiddle with them thats super helpfull as my headphones dont take very much power to run so thank you big time

I don’t use HP’s that often now due to being more into IEM’s but when I do, I like this chain iFi Micro iDSD > LD MK2 > Senn 660’s :+1:

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Thank you for this - I’m trying this with a Sabaj PHA3 cheap hybrid but not really hearing any difference.
So my next train of though was exactly getting a LD mk2 instead to get a real tube amp with line out and try it. Though at the moment I’m watching a mk3 on eBay… and a BHC and some DV…

The bottlehead crack is a large step up from the little dots and the darkvoice, but for your application it wouldn’t work well since it has no pre or line outs. Also look out for some eddie current jr’s as well in that price range

Hmm now that I look at it closer this doesn’t look like any other BHC…

Yeah that’s just a generic design, not bottlehead

Reminds me of the guy on here (sorry can’t remember your name) who ordered a bargain DV? and ended up with a costume jewellery ring lol

ah yes @Andrew_Davis and giova lol

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Yes Andrew that’s the chap :+1:

I’m not the only dupe who paid for an amp and got toy jewlery. But I was one of them!

It was a pretty obvious scam. :rofl: But what can I say…hope springs eternal.