Little dot mk2 tube swap options?

Was wondering what are good tubes to swap the stock tubes out to better my tube experience its my first tube i dont know much about them

Some nice Mullard CV4010 and some 6N6P-IR is a good match imo

Ok will take into consideration heard the stock tubes were ok but i know you can swap them to get a better tube affect and for it to sound better

Yes stock are pretty decent, but getting some nice nos tubes def improves the amp for sure

Ok thanks for the info im new to the tube world the more info i can get the better

The Siemens 5654W is also pretty great, and as well as the JAN 5654W.

The Mullards are going to give you a warmer more thicker response that’s a bit more laid back, the Siemens is going to be more neutral and forward, and the JAN is going to be in the middle of the two

Regarding the two rear tubes I haven’t tried out many of those so all I have tried are nos russian 6N6P-IR and the 6H6PI tubes and both of those are good and sonicially somewhat similar

What headphones are you going to be using with the little dot?

Hd 280 pros by senhieser

I also have ad500s and x2hrs and a couple iems

To be honest, I really don’t think any of those would pair well with an otl tube amp like the little dot, you might find them pretty lacking. The little dot doesn’t handle low impedance or sensitive cans/iems very well, and it might sound really sloppy with poor low end performance, strange midrange, and wonky treble

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And then plan on getting sivga 006s and grados sr80s or hd600s

IMO I would def consider the 600 or 6xx, and also consider a dt880 600 ohm as those go really well with the little dot imo. What type of sound are you after?

Maybe some toned down high or warmer in general with a solid tube affect on string instruments

Gotcha, in that case the 6xx/650 is a really good pick here, that would be warmer leaning and would really showcase what the tube amp can offer

More of a relaxed sound i guess you could say and something fun to play with i have a solid state but some songs id like to tune down as well as be able to swap solid state to tube with all my headphones to see what id like

Ok ill look into that aways looking to make my collection bigger thank you

So for those headphones that don’t work well on a tube, what you can actually do is use your little dot as a preamp and run in into your solid state, so you can get some of that tube sound on your solid state. That way if you have a headphone that doesn’t sound good on the little dot, you can still give it some tube sound by passing the audio through the little dot first, and then have it go on to your solid state amp, so almost like making your own hybrid amp setup

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I was planning on running my mx3 topping into the tube with 3.5mm-rca adapter

Your suggesting doing the reverse? And that would work that way?

Your talking the little dot mk2 correct because thats what i have or atleast getting in the mail in 2 days

Hmmmm so the mx3 has no line out, this would not be ideal, you would be double amping in this case

So in order for my suggestion to work you would have had to have a separate dac and separate amp, but since the mx3 is a combo unit that won’t work like that, so ignore that

Yes the little dot mk2. What I was initially trying to say was to go from dac > little dot > solid state amp, but since you have an all in one, this isn’t going to be possible, so ignore this comment