Looking for a tube "stack" recommendtion

So im thinking of trying out a tube amp - right now looking at the Little Dot MK2, it fits my budget (trying to stick to 200$ limit per item - meaning 400$ total budget). But im a little unsure what to pair it with , so any suggestions would be great.

P.S also if you have another tube amp recommendtion i’d be happy to hear

I would suggest buying a $100 dac (plenty of good options) then spend the $100 left over to upgrade the stock tubes :+1:

any recommendtion? Still new to the whole tube “thing” so any advice wwould be welcomed
These popped in to my amazon recommendtion , and seem to be rather good

I would send you hear to start getting a feel for it :+1:

As for dacs I’d suggest an earman donald dac or a topping d10/d10s (or e30 if you want more bells and whistles)

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The biggest thing when buying tubes is find what sound signature you like and that you want from a tube personally i purchased the ones you linked and love them i will say the stock tubes are not good but would work till you can get better tubes

Take a look to Schiit vali 2 with the Electro hatmonix 6822 Gold Edition tube.Is not bad with this tube.