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  • RCA in and pre out, 1/4 inch headphone out
  • 300mw @ 300 ohm, 250mw @ 32 ohm
  • 6N9P preamp tube, 6080 power tubes

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Z Reviews…

I have now had this amp for nine days and I am really liking it. The first full week was all Grado GH2’s. At first I had to check to see if l had accidentally turned on the Schiit Loki. :grin:
Bassy Grado’s was fun!
The sound is thick and bassy. Purists/audiophiles will likely not care for it. To me, it is an ideal 2nd or 3rd amp.
With the Grado’s, I ran it through some pop, some rock and lots of jazz. The sound is thick and full. However it does lack clarity compared to my iFi Pro iCAN, or even my Violectric V220.
With the Grado’s the volume ranged from the 9:00 to 10:00 positions, depending on the music.

Yesterday (April 18th) I put on the Focal Elex’s and am enjoying the sound as much, if not more. The volume range is now 11:00 to 12:00, again, depending on the music.

Most of my headphones are only going to need low gain with this amp.

It Really does run hot. I bought a clip on fan that arrived Saturday. It might cool it too much (6" fan) as I turned it off yesterday as the area was too cool. It is damp and cold here recently. Life by the ocean. :smiley:

I also have sone tubes coming in this week: another set of 6080’s and two different 6SL7 tubes.

Nine days in I am really happy with this purchase.

Pics attached

PS: Forgot to mention, the sale price was $489.00US. With conversion and DHL charges, my landed cost was about $660.00 in Canuck bucks. After months of tube amp research that is a surprisingly cheap price.


looks like a Darkvoice on steroids lol

That might not be far off, although I have never heard a Darkvoice. I bought one, but Drop backed out. :grin:
It is a fun, bassy amp and won’t break the bank. So far, I think it is a great 2nd or 3rd amp.

Notice that you’ve referenced it as a bassy amp a lot and have used it with necessarily high impedance cans so far. Do we know what the output impedance is on it?

I do not. Shenzhen Audio lists it as 32 Ohms to 600 Ohms. Not the answer you are looking for, I know.

Heh, that’s for sure.
Love the look of it.

what an odd looking 6.35" jack.

Stupid locking mechanism. Hard to get the jack out.

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it’s still odd looking, Lol! :smile:

Loved the GH2’s in this amp for a week.
Just finished three days with the Elex’s and it was very nice. But I have to admit that after three days I was looking to plug the Elex’s into something with more detail and less “thickness”.

Today I start with the LSA HP-2’s. Definitely a more open sound as they are my most detailed, articulate headphones. While listening I got news that I had tubes arriving today.
From a vendor in Vancouver I got a matched set of 6080 RCA’s and a 6SL7WGT.
And from a Head-Fi member in New Mexico I got a 6SL7 rebranded RCA.

Right off the bat, two notes:

  1. The “new” 6080’s are quieter by a few decibels.
  2. The new 6SL7 from New Mexico sounds lighter and thinner. Combined with the LSA HP-2’s it gives the whole set-up a different sound. Not nearly as thick and bassy. Nice change.

One more drive tube to try in the next few days.

This amp is working out very well for me. Some tube pics are attached


New tube today. May be my favourite. It is a JAN CHS 6SL7WGT by Sylvania. Really clean sound. The “noisiest” song in my test list is Around the World by Red Hot Chili Peppers. This tube slides smoothly though it.
Not as bass focused as the stock tube and a little cleaner than the re-branded RCA.
BF2 to MK9 to LSA HP-2’s is very nice. My third tube and the winner with these 'phones.
Now I want to run back to the Grado’s and Elex’s and try them with this tube.

Not a bass machine now, but a nice full sound.

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now you should get some socket savers and some tube adapters so you can try out the one’s that shouldn’t work with it. :slight_smile:

I am not going down the tube hunting rabbit hole. With every tube or hybrid amp I buy some extras to see if there is much of a difference. I have three driver tubes and they are all different.
I’m good. :grin:

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I don’t believe you. yeh…I know you have pretty good self-control / discipline…but tubes don’t have to be expensive. plus, I will be on the look out now for deals to taunt, tease and torment you with! :wink:

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My tube buy was actually from your neck of the woods. http://www.sphere.bc.ca/
Nice folk.

mein got… their site. the 90’s called and geocities wants the stuff back!!! :grimacing:


Love it. Char

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Definitely just easier to email and ask. :grin:

Good stuff, decent prices and nice people.