LIVE Music Thread

Listening to records is fine and dandy, but what are your favorite live clips/DVDs/Bluerays? Share some and lets all have a nice evening.

My favorite live performances include:

This one is pure perfection, talented musicians playing real music live that has actual meaning. Beyonce may call herself a Queen, but the real GODDESS is Floor Jansen.

Another great performance by Roger Waters from Pink Floyd. Playing “Pigs” infront of ~300000 people in Mexico, shortly before US presidental elections of 16

And even more Pink Floyd - David Gilmour live at Pompeii. Those lyrics, that atmosphere…

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This is one of my favorite live recordings of all time…


I have enjoyed C2C for a long time. They did some fantastic Live competitions.

In all of its 240p goodness

Yea baby…in fact their ‘Lights out’ album is a massive fav of mine UFO

One of my favorite live bands ever. Fast forward to 2:20 if you don’t want to hear the whole thing.

Crank this up (you’ll need to lol) to hear how drums sound like…

An interesting watch

A modern filming

Both were free concerts

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I saw RATM at Glastonbury in 94…fcuking epic.

Hiromi Uehara, Live @ the Blue Note Tokyo.

Nothing here is improvised, incredible what these musicians can do with their instruments. Simon Philipps on the drums, very well known from Toto, The Who, Jeff Beck and many more, Anthony Jackson groovemaster on the Bass (Steely Dan, Chaka Khan, Chick Corea) [Hiromi - Move]


I don’t go to live events because most are organized for too large a crowd and have bad sound at the back where I find the loudness tolerable, but in smaller/quieter setups… that’s where you can see if someone’s a real artist, because they can come up with gorgeous stuff you’ve never heard before, right on the spot.

One of the greats who can do this, as mentioned somewhat off-topic in the subwoofer thread, is Victor Wooten:
- title doesn’t say it, but this is the original “Amazing Grace” performance where he was just doing some improv and all of a sudden he went into a full light-touch natural-harmonics version of “Amazing Grace” that had people get up from their seats to clap and dance

+ other amazing live performances where he uses live-looping

… or even duets with a vocalist (one of the best covers I know, successfully adapting the original song to a completely different style or genre)

This is just the best metal show.

I also have the Slayer - Decade of Aggression live CD, and:

These following two lines are actually printed, on the back cover of the liner notes: Unlike most other live recordings, this is Slayer completely “live”. No overdubbing exists on this recording.

Here we now have a “Stringray concerts” channel on TV, so I also watch to a lot of classical and jazz concerts. No favorites right now, I just enjoy everything, heh.

Two more of my fav live albums…

In fact Made in Japan was the first double album I ever owned at a tender age of 14 it was 1977 :love_you_gesture: