Longer MMCX Balanced Cables for Desktop?

9/28/19 Update:
So I got these cables from https://hartaudiocables.com/

And these are perfect. I was a bit worried about the thickness for the wrap around the ear style IEMs, but they work extremely well. They are very soft, lightweight, and comfortable. I’m very happy with them. =)
The choice in materials is excellent. I’d definitely recommend them. I’m honestly pretty smitten with them. And only $50 ($30 for MMCX Headphone cable, $20 for Balanced XLR Interconnect.

I decided to order another set of of cables for my HD 660s as well. =)

Original Post:
Looking for anywhere that I could order a longer balanced MMCX Cable for IEMs for desktop usage. 2.5mm or 4.4mm connection. The typical 1.2 meters is a bit short for desktop use. Looking for about 2 meters or 6 feet. I’d also settle for an extension cable if anyone knows of a good option.

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Funny you mention this as I’m going to email JT @ Oidio sound (uk) to today to see if he can make me a 3.5mm TRRS to MMCX, he doesn’t list MMCX normally…If he’s willing to make one I’ll let you know as lengths won’t be a problem :+1:


…or if you have the inclination and or the :moneybag: then Toxic https://www.toxic-cables.co.uk/product-category/earphone-cables/ make some sexy ass cables :heart_eyes:

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Thanks! Yeah, I’d definitely prefer to pay less, but the standard copper cable from Toxic cables looks like a decent enough option to have it custom made…

does Periapt have something suitable?

I decided to email them and see if they could make an mmcx cable. They would be a better option for me personally, living in the US. =)

Sorry no go on the Oidio front :slightly_frowning_face: just got this email back…

Thanks for getting back in touch. I’m afraid we are not making MMCX cables at this time and we are unlikely to in future either. It is just the 2-pin IEM type cables that we make as IEM’s are not our speciality. If you need help finding another company just let me know.

Kind regards,


I’ve just mailed him back asking who he’d recommend regarding supplying IEM MMCX cables.

Ok this might be helpful to you US based guys looking for MMCX terminated cables… https://btg-audio.com/webstore.htm#!/Starlight-MMCX-cable-PRE-ORDER/p/46669337/category=12112626

Most of the cable makers JT recommenced where US based but this was pretty much the cheapest :+1:

Looking for balanced… thanks though. =P I’ve been trying to find balanced extensions.

gah! Lenght still maxes at 5 ft for those… lol and those cost a bit more than the toxic cable option (Standard copper) you linked before.

What size are these? They look 3.5mm? If so, are there balanced 3.5mm mmcx cables to pair with it? Also ultimately trying to end to 4-pin xlr balanced to work with my amp.

I ended up ordering a 4 pin XLR connector and some MMCX connectors. Going to have a go at a DIY solution for this. I’m reasonably handy with a soldering iron and already have some cheap 26awg cable for a trial run. And if it works out, will buy some of this nice wire to remake them with. =)

Mate my German is rubbish sorry :grimacing: but that cable doesn’t look balanced ?

Found this one based on that link. You can change the language to english at the top. Works for any Amazon site from different countries. It’s 1.5m so a bit longer at least.

What I’m going to end up doing is just modifying a couple other cables I have. Going to mod and terminate one of my regular mmcx headphone cables to a female mini xlr.
And these guys sell interconnects that terminate to pretty much any connection type from male mini xlr up to 4 feet.
They also sell MMCX headphone cables that terminate to the female end as well and for reasonable prices.


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That one looks great! And price isn’t bad at all!

hah… they won’t ship to my address… =P

Update: Works really well after adding a shirt clip to it. Takes the weight of the long cable + Mini xlr connectors off the IEMs and I can stand and move around while working at my standing desk comfortably. =)
Original Post:
First attempt at modding cables. :stuck_out_tongue::sweat_smile:
I don’t love it, honestly, But this is meant to be a first “trial”. And they do function at least.


Updated my first post with final solution I’ve found for this problem. =)

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