Look Real High Powered Tube Amp or Hybrid Tube Amp!

I currently have xDuoo TA-26, it doesn’t have enough power for me, since i am partially deaf in one ear, plus i don’t want to abuse the amp and dac by cranking both of them to 100% all the time. So i need more POWER!!! I want a sound signature where everything is push forward, like I am face to face with singer.

what about the Liquid Platinum?

Let’s talk all this through.
What DAC do you use? Ideally it is outputting 100%
What headphones, Sennheiser 6__ series?
And you have a TA-26 (very similar to DarkVoice for those who don’t know) - what position are you putting the volume pot to?

Never worry about turning your DAC up to 100. It’s one of the few pieces that’s meant to run at full volume. Well unless you’re running some super secret boutique DAC lol.
Your ta26 should make your good ear go bad with how loud it should get. If it is the same as my Darkvoice I haven’t found a headphone I can even get close to noon on the volume knob without hurting.

How much is the watts per channel in 600ohm’s?

The LP is more focused towards low impedance planars and dynamics.
You would also want to run from the balanced output as that is where the performance is better.

It seems to not have enough power at 600ohms because it is already low in power for 300ohms, I want something that can power the DT 880 efficiently and has more head room in the volume department, so that I don’t have to worry about not having enough volume

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Are they balanced modded or SE?
Have you looked at Schiit Lyr?

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Have you taken a look at the MT-604? While it’s not ‘uber’ powerful, it does allow fully seperated volume adjustment of the left and right channels and might just help with that left-right-volume difference?

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Good point. This would work if balance-modded - not sure what the output at 600Ω is.
Violectric amps frequently have balance controls, I’m sure there’s others.

While on topic, has OP ever looked at Koss ESP950 electrostatic system? Energizer comes with balance control built-in and signature could fit some of the sonic properties you value. Threads on here about it, go check it out if you haven’t