Looking advice for bookshelves speakers

was looking at some edifier r2000db for around 250 dollars but was wondering if there are better active speakers for around the same price

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Short answer: No, you cant find a better complete package pair for 250. My experience: for 250 r2000db is a complete package and one of the best sets you can buy for the price You dont need a pre amp. Its plug and play and has a remote. It also has 0 hiss. The sound is great. Specially because of its build in DSP. Imo it sounded better than s1000db and in some cases better than jbl 305. Don`t buy it for the Bluetooth. The bluetooth is not that great
If you are lucky you can find a swan m200mk3+ for 300-350. The swans while sounding better are a hit and miss tho, since some pairs hiss more than the other. Mine became unbearable so i send them back.

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