Looking for a balanced amp to match with ifi zen dac

Hello again, my ifi zen dac is on its way and im having trouble picking the right amp to pair it with.

I listen to Hifiman Sundaras (SE) and VE Zen LL (BAL), also gonna preamp my Rokit 5 with the zen dac. I think to my headphones will need some more power and i will mod the sundaras to balanced if needed. I enjoy the way they sound from my fiio e17k, just upgrading my gear.

My budget is =>300usd but the less the best. I live in mexico so schiit and others are taxed.

(honestly I dont even know if i need balanced but fck it).
I can’t decide! Rn im looking at:
-the SMSL SP200 which seems a bit overkill / has quirks.
-the ifi zen can which has repeat features with the dac and is outperformed by the above.
-the topping a50s seems like the best choice to me but I can’t find much info about it.