Looking for a casual gaming headset for around 100$

Hi, I’m looking for a headset under 100$ that’s good for gaming (I mainly play RTS games, but some FPS) but also can play heavy metal music to a good standard. With the limited research I have done, I’m looking at the ATH-M40x but I don’t know if they are a good choice for heavy metal.

Take a look to the Emu Purpleheart on Massdrop.
Is for 75$ a great phone better as the Beyerdynamic DT 770.
And is Ideal for Heavy Metal,the Emu Purpleheart phone is Bassy enough and pretty V shapeed.

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Sadly the Emu Purpleheart won’t work within my price range, I live in Sweden and the import tax is like 25% plus shipping makes it over budget

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I have been using the HD 598 for at least 6 years as my main gaming headphone. It is not a headset though, so I’m not sure if that’s still okay for you.

You can find them used everywhere, and if there are places that still sell them new, expect a large discount.

For something less bassy, the Audio Technica ATH-AD500x is pretty good. If you can stretch a bit, it’s worth getting the 700x or 900x imo. You won’t get very convincing booms and rumbles with the AD500x, but mids and treble are crisp and clear. Imaging is good too.

I’d advise against the M40x. It’s fine for RTS, but the soundstage is very narrow and treble can be a bit too much past 10kHz that it can actually be a hinderance for FPS when a lot of things are going on. If you want a closed back headphone, an AKG K361 would be better. If you need a mic, try the Cooler Master MH751.

Thanks for the tip! Because Sweden is Sweden the ATH-AD500x are 150$. But the Cooler Masters seems to be good and I won’t need to buy a USB mic either

Check out the AKG 371

phillips shp 9500 w/ a vmoda boom pro mic will run you 100ish dollars