Looking for a cheap 2.1 set for my PC ~80€ budget

I am going to buy a 2.1 set of speakers + subwoofer for use with my PC.
I don’t currently have any audio gear (DACs, AMPs etc.) so I need it to work directly with the PC and nothing else. I am not currently looking to buy an AMP, but I am considering to do that in future (I also have DT880s).

I stumbled upon Logitech Z333 without any prior research, so I don’t really know if it’s worth it or not (please tell). Any kind of recommendation and advise is welcome. My budget is 80€ and I don’t really want to go higher than that, because I will be still mostly using headphones and just want some acceptably sounding speakers for some occasions.


Look for a klipsch promedia 2.1, it’s a pretty solid 2.1 for the money what you can find them for. Generally warmer sound but with decent clarity and resolution, somewhat forgiving of placement, and not really all that large

Only the BT version sells here for around 300€. I’m in EU - Czechia

Ahhh darn, in the us you can find the non bt version for around 80-100 bucks. Can you find anything from Edifier in your range? They might make some 2ch powered bookshelf that sound decent (although most of the edifiers don’t come with a sub)

I will look.
It’s always a problem, so poor audio products choice here compared to the US.

Edifier R980T for 80€
R1280T for 100€, but that would be already kinda over my budget.

Gotcha, I’ve only heard the 1280T and they were decent, have not heard the 980t, so can’t comment there. Not sure I can offer too much help then since I’m not super experienced with all the 2.1 systems out there, so hopefully someone else can chime in with a more available solution

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Thanks for help anyway

I used the Swan M10 for the last 6ish years without complaints.

Seems to be available here:

110€ with shipping, that’s 30 over my budget.
Also, the aesthetic would not match with my setup. I need something either white or black with no accents. Thanks for the recommendation anyway

There is a black version:

But check if it is available elsewhere cheaper, I just linked the first one I found.

I see.
Unfortunately, can’t find it anywhere else than the one white listing of the previously linked site. Ideally, I would like to buy the speakers locally, it’s usually cheaper and easier.

Does someone here have experience or heard something about the Z333?

Brands like Logitech are usually overpriced due to their brand popularity.

I get it, but these are 60€ which fits nicely into my budget and is sold locally so just wanted to read some experiences and opinions.

Let’s say I wanted a 2.0. Will this still be the best pick for the price? I don’t really need 2.1. Just wanted to have that punchier bass response from the sub.

For the budget if you can get the Logitech, i would go for that.
Pretty much anything related to more speakers are more expensive.
Unless there are good markets for used audio gear Czechia?

Ended up overshooting the budget and ordering r1280dbs which I can pair with some nice subwoofer in the future. Could have ordered the Ts but the sub-out and bluetooth seemed worth it to me.