Looking for a cheap line-in external DAC

So I’ve been digitizing some old tape recordings from the '70s for a couple of weeks now, but the sound card I’m using just doesn’t cut it, mainly due to case noise. Would anybody happen to have any recommendations for a decent external DAC with an RCA line-in port? Preferably less than $50, but I might be able to make do with more expensive ones if necessary. Thanks! (I have also heard of a-to-d converters that might be useful).

You mean an ADC (= Analog to Digital Converter).
Or an audiointerface (DAC and ADC in one unit).

The Behringer UCA222 has good reviews, no hands on experience. Is still Behringer so don’t expect too much.
Stereo (= 2 channels) interfaces are rare under the $100 mark. Could see if you can find a Behringer UMC 202HD, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or Roland Rubix 22 on sale.

Thanks for the help! I will definitely look into that.